esearch Report: HIROSHI ARMOR – Dawn of the Great Neohuman Disapora

Few people here know that sound samples are costly and even more so, are the equipment and software involved in sound mixing. So I had to invent and record most of the elements you hear in this album. As futuristic as it sounds it is at the same time composed with primitive tools …

Black Manika: Voyage Into Subliminal Trance

Blackmanika wants you to celebrate not just the 4 years of work but almost a decade of chasing the dream. “Voyage Into Subliminal Trance” contains 8 tracks, running 40 or so odd minutes.

It is a difficult thing for a band to move forward with a new frontman, in Even’s case a frontwoman. Many attempt it, struggle with it, only a few pull it off.

Katulad's Last Dance

It was about two years ago, when KATULAD shocked the Cabanatuan music scene with their performance at Rock Nueva Ecija’s “Tunog Malaya” at Freedom Park. I can clearly remember how their set sent shiver through my spine, the moment they entered the stage was sublime.

Deathblow: A Killer Gig With A Killer Lineup

This Saturday, December 14th, Indienorte hosts Deathblow – a show that’ll feature some of Baguio and Northern Luzon’s most promising acts, topped off by headliner – Wilabaliw!


In this age of digital music, the music world is still at a loss. Even as the ease of creating music grows, the quality of music remains debatable.


If there’s one word to describe the music of Fluidde, it’s definitely ATTITUDE! Yep, these guys sure gave us a fistful of it in their EP album, “The Darkest Days Have Come”. With heavy guitar riffs, piercing vocals and wicked drumbeats, it is no question that anybody who listens to their songs will sure get their heads bobbing.

The gods surely have devoured them, what with all that power-packed tracks off their much awaited EP album. Venus has taken the gentlemen of 2nd squad under her wings and have indeed endowed upon them all that is beautiful and fertile.