September 21, 2012 Jethro Sandico

Independent Clothing Brands: 2600 Style

we are what we wear


Every music scene will never be complete without something to wear. Nobody wants to play onstage butt-naked, right? That would be a nice idea, but we need to dress accordingly. And when it comes to dressing accordingly, we have our independent clothing lines to thank. Much props to them for making our bands, and their fans look oh so fly. Much props to them for giving us a choice, and for leading us out of eternal department store damnation.

Here in Baguio City, we have our own clothing lines we can be proud of and they’re becoming much more popular outside this little city of ours. Sometime last year, Baguio Clothing lines Circus Science and Boar Brand gained a higher level of notoriety when FlipTop rappers BLKD, Kahir and K-Jah wore the aforementioned brands during their respective battles. Their battles racked up almost a million youtube views. It was a breakthrough.

The future is bright for the independent clothing industry, as long as kids will remain unique and cool and crazy, these companies will keep on creating more designs. So here’s a look at four remarkable clothing brands, 2600 style!


1.) Boar Brand

Aside from K-Jah, many others have worn Boar Brand shirts, and I must say they are well loved by supporters everywhere.  Indie Rock Band Flying Ipis and Kamikazee bass player Jomal Linao have been spotted wearing some boars during their gigs. The company has even produced designs for bands like The Apartment, The Butchercons, Tanya Markova, and Even. Artists Rob Cham, Pejie and Garapata Man have also done interesting collaborations with Boar Brand, y’all should check em out!


2.) Naked Solutions
Judging by the taste and skill that Kevin Estrada and Joan Ilejay has for graphic design, I can already tell that Naked Solutions is going to be a promising new brand. What’s impressive is that Naked Solutions has its marketing arm up and ready in Metro Manila already. The company will have its official launching on the 29th of September, 2012 which is going to be another loud affair this month as various bands are set to perform onstage. See you there everyone!


3.) Distraction Clothing
Founded by Indie Jam Pilipinas Promotions Manager Arvin Espiritu, Distraction Clothing is a new line soon to hit the streets. Aimed not only at music lovers but also sports fanatics (BMX, Surf, Skate, MMA), the company will add versatility to the city’s growing independent clothing industry. I just can’t wait to wear one, thanks in advance for the shirts Distraction Clothing! ahem!

4.) Circus Science
And last but not the least, we got Circus Science, which in my opinion has some of the slickest designs in the country today, I’m a huge fan of their masterpieces. Nam Tibon and Potchie Lazaro did a great job in creating these awesome works of art and marketing them effectively. Their shirts look good on Kahir, BLKD, Zoom Zoom Lunacy, and Second Squad, it surely will look good on you too my child.



*Shout outs to all the mentioned artists and props to Anygma and Kevin Vea of FlipTop!