October 22, 2012 Dyanne Licudine

Aqueous Yet Solid

If there’s one word to describe the music of Fluidde, it’s definitely ATTITUDE! Yep, these guys sure gave us a fistful of it in their EP album, “The Darkest Days Have Come”. With heavy guitar riffs, piercing vocals and wicked drumbeats, it is no question that anybody who listens to their songs will sure get their heads bobbing. Whatever angst you folks believeare keeping to yourselves, Fluidde’s album helps in achieving that satisfying release.

Here is an interview with the band’s frontman, Wags Kintanar:

How and when did your band start? Any particular tale behind your band name?

Formed in the year 2004, the band was formerly called Angels Fluid, back then I was the last to join the group. The former vocalist of the band left with no known reason. The band then decided to change the name to “fluid”, but we wanted it to be unique enough so we spelled it as “FLuidde”. From this moment we got equipped with new gears and started to make original songs.

What kind of music inspires you?

There is no specific music that inspires me, I draw inspiration from all types of music. But most of the music that I listen to is rap, and metal, particularly “Deftones”.

Describe your music. What particular goals do you intend to achieve with your music?

This is the hardest part when it comes to describing our music, I really don’t know how to explain it, not all of us have the same influence, so when we are arranging a song we pretty much sustain some of the elements of music which includes metal, rock, alternative, reggae, and rap. I just want our music to be appreciated by all types of people, putting up a band like this is a venture, so it’s kind of like a challenge for us on how people will consider our music.

Tell us a story of how your EP came to be.

This is what we have planned to do since we started to write our own songs, but we don’t have the tools and the time to do it before. One night last August 2012 when we were drinking, Dyanne Licudine from Even brought it up, asking when do we plan to release our EP and there you go, with the help of our brothers from 2nd Squad, we finally organized an EP launch together with them.

What is the band’s direction at the moment? Any future plans?

As of this moment I’m still working to write a song and the band is still working with the arrangement of the music. We want to continue to spread the kind of music we play so every individual can appreciate it. We plan to release an album soon, and with the help of some of our friends in the music scene, we hope we can showcase our music to different places.

Photo Taken from Fluidde’s Facebook Page
Roger Wagz Kintanar- Vocalist
Don Var Aqui – Guitar
Darwin “kwarog” Rimando – Guitar
Polens Puruntong – Guitar
Neil De Guzman – Bass
Roland Mendoza- Drums
Mickey Tolentino – Percussion


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