July 24, 2014 Indienorte

Immovable Force vs Unstoppable Object


It is a difficult thing for a band to move forward with a new frontman, in Even’s case a frontwoman. Many attempt it, struggle with it, only a few pull it off. Another band that might be in the same predicament is Imago, but that’s a different story for a different time and Imago has its foundations built over a decade, with their monster line up and veteran experience they tread on more familiar ground. Imago might have better footing compared to the young experimental Even.

I came across a video after months of hearing that Drei Paliza of The Pull It Surprise(is that how its spelled?) would take over for Dyanne Licudine during her (temporary?)absence. (I found by Pull It Surprise below).

It is a tough spot to fill as the Muziklaban born Even has grown its cult-ish following to a healthy army. How their fans feel about the change will always intrigue me (leave a comment below – share us your thoughts). This video dissolves all worries for Even. Jam, Coco and Dan will not allow Even to take even a tiny step back. Moving forward with Drei Paliza on the mic, the band’s can do will do vibe shows us that they aren’t letting anything stop them. Hence the title, “Immovable Force vs Unstoppable Object” – which Even is will only be told in the future.

Drei is doing a stellar job at the mic, we hear some subtle style injections here and there, although she might be struggling with how much gigging the band does, we appreciate how she keeps true to the sound(even if it may be far from her comfort zone), she’s nailing it down to the pedal tap dancing Even is so well known for. Kudos dudes and dudette! We imagine her whispering “Nailed it!” to herself after songs in a set(lol). Joking aside, things like this may be small and insignificant for the Music Industry but for fans, this is and should be nothing short of inspiring.

I am not a big fan of drama but Even may seem to have let their former front woman say her “all too honest” goodbyes in their tearjerker of a song – Stella. It’s ok bro, real men cry sometimes. Take care Dyanne!