September 28, 2012 Dyanne Licudine

Prodigious and Existent

The gods surely have devoured them, what with all that power-packed tracks off their much awaited EP album. Venus has taken the gentlemen of 2nd squad under her wings and have indeed endowed upon them all that is beautiful and fertile.

The band was formed in November of 2005 as a side project. After a series of gigs, the members finally decided to continue on as a band, 2nd Squad; which, for the them, means a group of individuals working as a team. Stephen Ancheta (vocals) says that they listen to a lot of bands both local and international, each of them have different tastes. But going straight to the point, he says, Tool, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Sevendust, and Silverchair are their heroes. It is not that difficult to take note of the heavy guitar riffs, sublimely deep basslines, and poetic, but nevertheless unambiguous sung words that it is definitely the case.

When asked how the band describes their music and what particular goals they intend to achieve with it, Stephen said: “Honestly, our music is not difficult to describe at all. We just keep it simple and clean, and at the same time, we put words to it easy enough for the listeners to at least grasp the words and the melody as well. ‘Catchy’, as others would say, sort of melodic-rock. We all enjoy the sound and we hope others will, too. And to have others listen and share our music would be our goal for now, and like most bands, hearing your songs ON-AIR would be an achievement, too.”

Their 7-track EP is a compilation of their songs that they wrote not so long ago. They had written the songs through years and thought of coming up with an album, but instead of waiting to complete a few more songs, they just decided to muster up an EP. These are the songs they often play during gigs. On a technical note, they really deserve much credit for recording an album from a home-based studio, props to both the guitar players Neil and Caloy Briones, who did everything from recording to mixing even mastering of their tracks. The whole album takes you on a journey of self-exploration through a whirlwind of experiences and reminds you of your own relations with other people. Each instrument is an expression of emotions and ideas, you best hold on to your hats, when these guys play they take you along with them.

Currently, the band is preparing to launch their CD in parts of Northern Luzon and hopefully other parts of the country as well. They are also active in local scene and occasionally are invited to some out-of-town events. Stephen says they look forward to releasing a full-length album someday and to share the stage with other more artists.

2nd Squad is
Stephen-vocals : Carlo-guitars : Allan-drums : Paul-bass : Neil-guitars