September 17, 2015 Jake Espiritu

HIROSHI ARMOR Dawn of the Great Neohuman Diaspora

Hiroshi Armor

Research Report: HIROSHI ARMOR – Dawn of the Great Neohuman Diaspora

It’s a sci-fi of novel with immense details that could only be written with sound.
It has that 80’s anime/ cyber punk / dark wave / feel to it that it becomes futuristic-ally familiar.

On an interview with Music Producer – Jethro Sandico, he expressed explains how his
lack of resources ultimately pushed his creativity and lead to his latest creation – THE DAWN OF THE GREAT NEO HUMAN DIASPORA.

“Few people here know that sound samples are costly and even more so, are the equipment and software involved in sound mixing. So I had to invent and record most of the elements you hear in this album. As futuristic as it sounds it is at the same time composed with primitive tools” -Jethro Sandico

I consider myself privileged to be one of the few people who received a copy of this album directly from Jethro’s portable hard drive had the opportunity to listen to it with him as he explains the literature behind the music. As he tells me the story of a distant future it becomes clear to me that the tracks are just peep holes to a whole new universe. Like listening to a guided meditation he points out to me what he sees happening as the tracks play… it is my pleasure to share my experience with whoever reads this.

Hiroshi Armor

Hiroshi Armor

Track I:
Far in the future, mankind harnesses all its hope for survival and as a final line of defense develops The insterstellar assault armor (A.K.A. Hiroshi Armor). A mecha suit built to deny any attack of distant planet foreigners.

Track II:
Basking in the magnificence of the mecha suit and all of its capabilities at the same time what’s left of the neo humans are preparing to escape planet earth.

Track III:
Azrael Particle the universal energy that fuels our sophisticated technology and space fleets. Abundant and renewable…it is also known as the Death Particle.

Track IV:
You are entering the fleet, as gravity is non-existent you wall on its walls. You are in awe in the chain of command of the neo humans that surround you.

Track V:
You watch as planet earth gets disintegrated.. the last few moments HOME becomes a relative memory.

Track VI:
You remember The capital city as it crumbles and gets leveled to the ground. what once was a glorified civilization is brought to its knees.

Track VII:
A soldier transmits his last message to his wife, uncertain if she will receive it. He looks up to the Hiroshi Armor and sees a sign of hope. That not all is lost.

Track VIII:
The fleet finds an unoccupied planet capable of supporting life.

Track IX:
the Neo-Humans relearn its customs and rebuilds its knowledge base adapting to the new environment. You hear the music as you walk the short streets.

Important Notes:
-The sound arranged and mixed here are highly experiential. Please be advised that effects may vary depending on your imagination. That said you may have a different back story to each track depending on your emotional state.
-Sharing your own back story is highly encouraged by the Music Producer
-This report is of top priority.


You may download Hiroshi Armor’s Debut Album on Bandcamp: