September 27, 2012 Indienorte

The Fall 2010 Baguio Collaboration Downloadable Release

NOTE: The video below is not complete

“The Fall” was written and recorded early 2010 by Rohan Rimando of Ibarra, Dyanne Licudine of Even, Stephen Ancheta of 2nd Squad, and O’Neil Carantes of Hunger Strike. The idea of collaborating was brought up during a drinking session at O’Neil’s The Shop Recording Studio, where the song was also arranged and recorded. Just by sharing ideas, they came up with spontaneous lyrics and melody and some arrangements that made “The Fall” come to be. After “The Fall” was recorded, a teaser of the song was uploaded and can be listened to online, but, it stayed for long as a teaser, letting those who have listened to it want more of the song.

At last, came the full version. Enjoy!!

Foreword by Stephen Ancheta of Second Squad


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