September 24, 2012 Indienorte

The Immortal Revelation

Revelation Forgive the dramatic title, but it is simply the truth. Revelation through time, with numerous changes in the lineup, is eternal. It is something to be damn proud of. These guys have lead generation after generation into the music scene, and have pooled some of Baguio’s finest musicians and called them their own. They have kept rock and roll alive and kicking in the north.

Just recently we came across news of the new line up, sporting a new frontman and guitarist, Revelation is ready to rock your socks off with Natz Ramirez of Blackheaven and Barney Joven of 13th Issue. Who knows, as much as the elder members of Revelation have influenced us all maybe they might take some cues from the younger additions to their band.

Here’s a wicked look at the Baguio Rock Legends from way back then, and now.




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